Thursday, 22 May 2014

History of Computing Timeline Task

LO: To develop an understanding of how computer hardware and software has evolved.

You will need to create an INTERACTIVE timeline that shows how an electronic device (both hardware and software) has developed over the years.

You must include:

  • At least 10 devices
  • The year the device went on sale
  • A spec for each device that includes details regarding: 
                        Storage space(RAM/ROM)/Graphics/controllers/processors
  • A famous game/piece of software associated with that device.
  • An additional fun fact.

You will have 3 lessons to complete this timeline.

REMEMBER - It must be INTERACTIVE in some way.

How you do it and the software you use to create it is up to you!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cyber Security Challenges

Our next unit of work will focus on Cyber Security.

You will be given a number of challenges to complete.

Read this PDF and start completing the tasks on your blogs or in a Word doc.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Webpage Practice - 10p1

Create ONE blank web page.
Your theme is St George's day.

  1. Make a relevant banner and insert it on to the web page.
  2. Hyperlink the banner to a webpage about St George.
  3. Research 3 facts about St George's day and add them to your web page.
  4. Include 2 relevant images (1 of which is a rollover) with alternate text.
  5. Align at least 1 image to the right of the web page.
  6. Add an email link that goes to
  7. Format the web page for a teenage audience.

Extension task:
Embed a YouTube video about St George.

Get feedback from another pupil on your web page.
Was there anything you couldn't do?
Add this to you revision list from last lesson.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Student Learning Characteristics Survey

Bletchley Park - Code Breaking

Watch this clip

  1. What happened at Bletchley park?
  2. Where is it?
  3. When was Bletchley park used?
  4. Why was it used?
  5. What was Colossus?


Create an information booklet about Bletchley Park.

Your target audience is GCSE Computer Science students who are visiting the park.

You must include:

  • An introduction about Bletchley Park.
    • Where is it?
    • Is it a house or estate?
    • An image of the house
  • An overview of how it was used during WW2
    • Who were based there?
    • What were they doing?
    • Why were they needed?
  • Information about Colossus
    • The spec of the machine
    • What could it do?
    • How did i assist the Allies?
    • What would have happened without it?
    • An image of the machine
  • Actual people who were stationed there
    • Find 2 people who were stationed at Bletchley Park
    • At least 1 man and 1 woman
    • Tell their story

Write a blog post about what could have happened if Colossus had not been built.
Why was it so significant?